Vagabond House

Antler Ice/Bread Tongs


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Fill party drinks with ice served using these 8-inch antler tongs from the Vagabond House Lodge Style Collection. Handcrafted from high-quality cast pewter, this pair of tongs is designed to resemble miniaturized elk antlers, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your barware. The pewter is in compliance with FDA rules for direct contact with food and beverages, and no special maintenance is required to keep it in excellent condition aside from washing by hand in warm water with a mild detergent that is nonacidic and nonabrasive.

Dry with a soft cloth to discourage water spots from forming. Use these exquisite antler tongs to dispense ice, serve tossed salads or dish up pasta while displaying your love for outdoor life.

Size: 8''L x 3''W x 1.5''T
Care: Hand or machine wash. Use lowest heat setting on dishwasher, non-acidic cleanser.

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